Tip for men on how to have a nice FFM threesome

Have dinner first. Discuss details, such as safety and boundaries. Make sure everyone is clear with STDs. If any of you have sexual problems, please let other people know. When it comes to boundaries, it hugely varies with different persons. Will you penetrate each person? Is kissing okay? If there is oral sexual behavior, are you going to use condom for it? Is there anyone don't prefer touching? Does the third like lubricants? Clear the boundaries with each other.

You can start exploring your fantasy. Leading two women to go through this threesome dating experience. You should be the leadership to master it. Let them have the opportunity to relax themselves in front of you and release the slut hidden in their heart. You can achieve that by paying compliment. All people love compliment, especially women. Make sure to let them know they are very pretty. Do they smell good? Are you having fun with them? What do you love about them? Do they look sexy? How hot are they?

When they do something that makes you happy, let them know. You should lead them to talk to you and to each other. How they feel in the process? They also need to listen to your voice. Ask for permission if there is something you like to do, but not sure if it is okay. Do you want a girl sit on your penis and the other on your face with them making out on you? Do you and your girlfriend want the other girl give oral to both of you? Make sure to know what you want and then share it with your partner and the third.

The two biggest troubles in a three some are jealousy and someone being left out. Make sure to pay them with equal attention. It is absolutely dangerous to pay more attention to the third than to your significant other. No matter how hot the third person is, always remember that your loyalty lies in your significant other.

To prevent the case of someone being left out, you can set a rule to suggest that if there is someone feeling being left out, she should say it right away without hesitation. Silence won't be good. The best is to make sure everyone is satisfied with being please by other two persons. The primary work for each person is to take good care of other two persons and to make them happy and satisfied. But if you focus too much on yourselves, it is unavoidable that you are going to ignore someone.

At last, in the end of a feeld dating, take some time to talk to each other. Appreciate their hard work. Give them love and caress. Threesome is also a way to show our personalities. It requires good communication, considerate and generosity.