These are the safe dating tips you should know

One night hook up can be exciting, but if you don't have any plans or preparations, your casual dating could turn out to be a disaster. Many of my friends would complain to me that they had a great time chatting with my date on the online dating and hook up apps, but when they met offline, they felt awkward. Sometimes my partner doesn't respect my opinion, which makes me want to end the date quickly. I think many people will have similar experience; this is also a very normal phenomenon. Because a lot of people are looking for a date on an online hook up app, they're not thinking about whether they're actually compatible with the person they're dating, they're just looking at the person's physical appearance.

Many people make this mistake. But if you want to find a good date and have a safe tinder free one night stand, you should do these things.

Meeting someone on an online dating app is often impossible to tell if the person's identity is real. Many scammers on the online hook up apps who take advantage of the anonymity of online dating to swindle. If you don't want to be cheated, it's a good idea to check your date's identity before you meet them. You can call video or Google their name and picture to see if their name and story match up with what they're telling you.

If you find that the same story corresponds to a different person, you can know that the person may be a member of a fraud ring. Don't keep contacting with them. Of course, some fraudsters are very smart, their camouflage skills are also very high who can let you believe that the other party is real. After they cheat you of trust, they will borrow money from you for all kinds of reasons. They may be trying to swindle you in the name of a failed business or a cash flow, or they may be trying to swindle you in the name of wanting to see you but not being able to pay with their credit card. These are some of the tricksters' favorite tricks.

But just remember, don't trust anyone on an online dating app who borrows money from you. Because it's very likely that your money was lent out and never got back. Don't let this happen again, as it has happened to many people. Of course, do not be greedy, because crooks may also take advantage of people's greedy psychology to commit fraud.

In addition to preventing fraud, you also need to prevent yourself from becoming pregnant and contracting various sexually transmitted diseases. Because it happens almost all over the world. Pregnancy can be very harmful to you when you're unprepared, because you may not even know who the father is, and you can't take responsibility for it yourself. It is very necessary to wear a condom. If your date gives you a variety of reasons not to wear a condom, you must stop him from doing so. Because he's breaking the rules and boundaries between you.

Keep these tips in mind and you'll boost your casual dating.