Stunning Myths of Transgender People

Since I became a transgender hookup finder, in order to successfully search my ideal trans dating partner and get along with her on the basis of mutual understanding, I have carefully studied many files about the transgender people. Through these files, I found that many of my previous understanding of the transgender were wrong. Moreover, I also realized that these misunderstandings caused a lot of unnecessary troubles to the transgender people. Here are some myths about the transgender. Maybe these myths can surprise you in particular.

Myth 1: Transgender people have a third gender

Transgender is a general term, and many different types of people belong to transgender, not just MTF or FTM. Therefore, this statement can only be said to be correct under certain conditions, and cannot be applied to all transgender people. Although transgender feel that their gender identity is different from their assigned sex, this does not mean that all transgender have a third gender. Most transgender people know their gender clearly as men or women. For a MTF, although they were born male, their gender identity is female; for a FTM, the opposite is true. In short, both types of people clearly know that they belong to the gender binary category.

Myth 2: Sexual orientation is closely associated with gender identity

This is a common misunderstanding of transgender people. Some people will think that some of your men think of them as women because they like men. They had sex change surgery in order to be liked by people of the same sex. This kind of mistake and ignorance is a kind of discrimination and prejudice against transgender people. If a FTM just likes a woman, then she does not change herself into a man because she likes a woman, but the girl thinks that he should be a boy originally, and he is just interested in a girl. Generally speaking, a person's sexual orientation has no connection with gender identity. Even a cisgender woman may like men and women. Or, she likes both men and women. Another possibility is that she doesn't like men or women. The same is true for the transgender people. No matter what a person's gender identity is, it can't determine his sexual orientation. Find the best hookup dating apps here.

Myth 3: Let transgender people using the bathroom matching with their gender identity is dangerous

For transgender people, they prefer to use bathroom that matches their gender identity rather than their assigned sex. This is because only in this way can they feel that their gender identity is respected and recognized. This will bring them a sense of inner satisfaction. However, it is very dangerous for other people to share a bathroom with these transgender people. After all, this person's physical characteristics are quite different from theirs. They will worry that these people are peeping and harassing them under the pretext that they are transgender. To be honest, for people who don't know transgender hookup people, this kind of worry is very reasonable. But there is no case in the world that transgender people are harassing others. So I think we should give transgender people more freedom and full respect.