Why Do Women Want to Have FWB Dating?

What kind of female adult friend finders would like to get into friends with benefits relationship? Women who are less attractive than men. Women who have lower social status than men; Or who have poor social skills than men. Just like I saied" less than you", even if you are a multimillionaire, casual and poor woman, if you are not attractive and dominant, or provide other types of values, more or less present what you have her relationship with her is not a pure artillery friend, and neither can impress the longevity of friends with benefits differences.

Instead, the key is how you get along with her. If you exceed her in the value of the hookup market, you can establish a long-term relationship with her. She may be very beautiful but very shy, but you have more control and strength than her, you are much taller than her. An example of an extreme difference in values ​​I have seen is: A very handsome friend of mine prefers to sleep and date with chubby or ugly girls. He explained why he did that, when he can also be far from pretty girls, beauties are not easy to get along with, in fact, the women of his multiple ongoing relationships lasted a typical 2 to 4 months of a standard relationship of friends with benefits.

Maintaining a stable fwb relationship and keeping your channels open. Unless you are hookup dating like a friend of mine, you will have a high turnover rate among your friends, this is not a relationship that most women can maintain for a long time. Perhaps the friends with benefits relationship can be imagined as a test drive of a new car. There may be some super cool salesmen sitting in your co-pilot seat, wherever you want to drive. And, some sales people can't wait to sell that car to you, and they will be more forgiving about how many miles and how long they drove you. But most salespeople won't let you drive that damn car to work, park your car there all day, and then drive in the happy hour after work to get drunk with the boys. You have limited time for a test drive. Once the time is up, you either have to buy it or return the car keys and get off. Because the free journey is over.

Don't panic: friends with benefits will do so. So, don't blame yourself for your friend finders quitting this relationship in a few months. Things happened. If this happens to you in a much shorter time than it did a few months ago, and it often happens, this may be a sign that you have set wrong expectations for women. They think you will become their boyfriend, or you need to do a better job to screen the girls who are looking for Mr.right.

It is also possible that you need to enhance your value as a lover, so that women want you to be that kind of person. If you are not a sexy enough, a woman may hook up with you and treat you as a boyfriend, but may not be as interested in you as a lover. In this case, the solution is the same as putting the woman first: back to your foundation, work harder to turn yourself into the kind of man the woman wants.