Trans dating tips – How to prepare yourself on your first trans date? Part – 2

In part 1, we already discussed how to select a place for your first trans date? What should you wear while going out in your Tran’s date? Make sure that the dress you wear must be according to the place where you are going to meet. For example, if you are going to meet in disco or pub than certainly you don’t have to wear formal. However, it is advised that on your first transsexual date, avoid disco, pubs or movie hall because you don’t get the complete freedom to talk to each other.

Once you are done with the place where to meet and dress what to wear; now it’s time to meet your transgender woman. Make sure that you won’t late as it’s quite not good to be late on your first date. When you both are tighter, show your gentle nature, open a door for her and pull a chair will show your etiquette.
Never use your phone in between you date, unless it’s quite important – using your phone in between your date is quite rude. This makes your partner believe that you are not taking interest in her and you are getting bored from this date. If any of you start feeling this, you are not going to enjoy your first ts date and it’s nothing than a big flop.

Avoid any phone call or text in between your mail. This isn’t quite good. Also pay attention what your dating partner is saying and also try to make eye contact regularly.
Don’t share your past dating if any – it’s your first date and you don’t have any past dating experience. But if there are any failures in both transsexual and regular dating, don’t share that with your partner and also don’t try to ask her about the same.

Don’t try to ask question about transsexual and gender identity – it’s your first transsexual date so keep enjoying it. Don’t try to make it a class and your dating partner a teacher that will teach you about gender identity, transsexual or transgender. Asking question about transsexual, transgender is strictly not accepted in your first date. If you really want to make your date a big success, avoid asking questions that will make her uncomfortable or you might also lose her and your chance to get a second date with her.

Show respect to your date – she is your date and you have to respect her in any case. As you are dating a transsexual woman, it’s quite important not to use any inappropriate or insulting term like – ‘Ladyboy’, ‘Shemale’. Any transsexual woman with self respect won’t tolerate this from her dating partner and will leave you and your date for this particular reason. Instead of calling her ‘Shemale’ or a ‘Ladyboy’ it’s better to call her Tran’s woman. That will be fine. If you are dating a transsexual woman, it’s better to accept her as your girl friend and give respect to her and her emotions.