Several different ways to break the ice

In your first few transgender dates, you may find yourself with a man who is more nervous and tongue-tied than you are. Here are five different ways to break the ice, open his heart and start the romantic spark.

The first trans date was our chance to establish an initial connection with a man to see if we were right for each other. To make a good first impression, we throw out our best stories and questions, and avoid uncomfortable silences at all costs. But these strategies are not really the way to start a relationship with a man. As a matter of fact, they feel more like a serious interview than a romantic date. If you really want the conversation to flow smoothly, focus on moving his heart by appearing vulnerable and sincere. This is how.

Ask him a personal detail

Instead of asking about his job or where he lives, ask him personal details that can open up an unusual conversation. It's a good way to get to know him and let him know you're interested. Talk about his class or shoes he wears. Quite possibly, there's a story here; He would welcome the opportunity to share. It makes you feel more natural and fresh because it's not an old conversation starter.

Let him ask you

You can ask him leading questions like, "what do you want to know about me?" This will give you an idea of his character. You let him dominate the conversation, make him feel like you're opening up to him, and you're learning what's important to him. He may in turn ask you to do the same, which will keep you away from him. In fact, your willingness to reveal something about yourself will also leave him with the impression that you are natural and comfortable with your skin, which is very attractive.

Admit you're nervous

On our first transgender dating, we had to be upbeat and relaxed, which is normal, so we tried to hide our nervousness and discomfort. But this only creates a false experience between the two of you and causes you to miss out on a real connection. One of the quickest ways to relax him and communicate with his heart immediately is to confess how you really feel. So if you're nervous, tell him! You can just say, "I'm really nervous right now." I think we have a good connection online, now I don't know what to say.

Chances are he has the same problem and you have something in common! What's more, you express your true feelings, which will let him know that he doesn't have to read your mind with you, which will touch his heart.