Are dating apps only for one night hookups?

It is believed that dating and hookup apps are probably the most controversial invention of 21st century. They are indeed efficient in finding people hookups whenever they want. Without leaving the house, people can just sit in their sofa and find this kind of person whom they want to hookup with no matter it is a blond girl with blue eyes, or a tall man with macho body. Dating and hook up apps are like a filter that can present you with the person you like. There are also other benefits and advantages of hookup dating apps. I won’t elaborate them here, because I believe every people who are living in this world would know that. As for the shortcomings, dating apps might also be a great helper for scammers as well. Just like the two sides of internet, dating apps also provide platform for money-swindlers and information stealers while they offer people with huge conveniences. This is what people should be careful with when they are looking for partners online. There is another issue raised by people saying that it is impossible for people to find serious relationships on hook up apps, because most people there are looking for one night hookup and most people on hookup dating apps are not reliable. Is it true? Today, we are going to discuss this question.

In regard to this question, I am going to tell you how my husband and I met. That is right, we met on hookup apps, which proves that you can also find serious relationships and even marriage on dating apps. You may think this might be another advertising for hookup apps, but actually, I am going to tell you more than the fact that dating apps are not just for one night dating and hookups. I am going to tell you why.

First, most single people on hookup apps are not only open for hookups. They might tell it in their profile that they only want casual hookups, but that is not exactly true. The reason why people tell you this is mainly because you are not the right person for them, at least they think you are not. How can you say no if you meet the right person? I think every person is always open to serious relationships as long as the right person come along. Ask yourself if you think you are one of the hookup hunters, will you say no to a person who you really like? I think most of the answers are negative. That is my first point.

Second, there are really people who are looking for serious relationships there. If you are also one of them, I think you can find them. With the same purpose, you can definitely spot the right kind of people. I think this might be already familiar with relationship hunters. If you want to find relationships on a hookup app, then you can find it. It might take more time than finding a person for one night hookup, but you can definitely find it.