Xate – A Hookup App Which Matches You with People Nearby

Xdate is a gay and lesbian hookup dating app. If this match dating app has the right to access to your location, then you can search for people nearby easily and quickly. Xdate helps you search and locate strangers around you based on your geolocation so that you are able to establish contact with others efficiently and save the distance cost of communication. With Xdate, you can convert online relationships into real offline relationships in a very timely manner. Xdate can help you expand your life circle, not only in the circle of acquaintances, and you can meet strangers you are interested in on Xdate at any time and at any place.

When the first time Xdate is opened, it presents you with an intuitive and simple interface. Every function key is just right, and it will not take much time for you to look for the function you want. When you click on the “Search” button at the bottom of the screen, the photos of some handsome guys and beautiful women will appear in front of you. Perhaps these photos make you have the urge to sign up for Xdate. There is a “video” button and a “like” button on each photo. It means that you are able to send likes to others and make video calls with them.

If you think that viewing every person’s photo is a waste of time, you can choose to set your filters, which will shorten your search time. Most people like to choose the distance as their search criteria because they hope to match with people around them and then have a wild date. There is no doubt that dating people nearby can save time and money, so the distance becomes most people’s first choice. Of course, if you prefer to search for other gays or lesbians on the basis of height and age range, just choose them as your search criteria.

Apart from quickly matching with people nearby and making video calls, free chat on Xdate is also available to you. On this match dating app, there is no need for you to pay for the subscription fee, and you have the right to initiate chatting with others for free. Compared with most hookup apps, free chatting is one of the highlights of Xdate. What’s more, Xdate newly added a personalization function. After choosing the right tags to describe yourself and completing your Q&A, your profile will be personalized, which is conducive to helping others have a further understanding of you.

Users on Xdate are straight men, straight women, gays and lesbians over 18 years old. If you have an interest to someone, just send him/her a message to build a relationship. In the chat interface, you can speak out freely, but remember not to violate the rule of Xdate, such as sending nude photos to the other person. If you violate the rule, you will be deleted from Xdate.

If you want to make more friends, you need to dig one by one and pay attention one by one. In terms of system settings, Xdate is quite satisfactory, and users are able to use the blacklist function to block someone so that some malicious people can’t harass them. In addition, Xdate has a very user-friendly design. If you want to have this hookup app download on your cellphone, don’t hesitate to do so.

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