Two Types of Good Dating Apps

Last month, after breaking up with my boyfriend, I thought I should do something to disattract my attention. And my best female friend recommended me to play in the BBW dating apps. I didn’t really have much interest in this suggestion but fine, staying at home because of COVID-19 was also boring. So we started to see what kind of apps can be the best. After a month trial, we made some summary and hope you can understand the functions of them and choose the best suitable one as me.

For the first type app- the hookup apps for marriage. This kind of app has a clear aim- to get married. I just registered an account with my phone number. But I had to say the fee for VIP was so high to me so I didn’t pay for the VIP. I just finished my general informaiton as my name, age, and city. Also, in this app, you should tell how mamy you make for a month and if you are the single child as well as if you have house or car. I just wrote according to my real situation but I need to say this made me a little uncomfortable because I just thought I was treated as a commodity instead of emotions. And I started to chat.

As I was not a VIP, I just could receive chats. And most people in this app liked to come straight to the points. Some males came to ask me if I had plan to get married in two years or if I had my own apartment or car. After chatting with some people, I stopped using this app. But to my astonishment, there is a man who always calls me. I replied to my phone but he said he was the matchmaker in this curvy dating app and he wanted to know more information about me. I said sorry but he kept call me every day. I was so angry because I didn’ t know being a user in sucn a app could bring me some unhappy thing. In short, these kind of dating app just for marriage was not very suitable for me as I am not ready to be in a marriage.

And I started my adventure in the second dating app. This app was totally used for young adults and no matchmaker will disturb you. You could use this app as long as you wanted. After I logged in this app, some people came to say hi and I knew many people were young adult as they sent me some lastest emojios. I should say some people were looking for one night hookups and when I recevied these kind of messages, I felt a little uncomfortable but it was OK because I knew most people just wanted to have fun in this app. But I did really notice some guys who were really funny. Overall, this dating app just for chatting is a good choice for me although I may meet some people who just want to hookups.

Hope this article will be helpful for you!

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